These are websites and accompanying programs that I believe will help.

They provide support and information for those dealing with mental illness or addiction and their loved ones. They can be important in various stages of recovery. Throughout your treatment with me we can discuss how to incorporate these to optimize your plan.


NAMI - National Alliance on Mental Illness
NAMI is a great program that exists to help reinforce the message that people suffering from mental illness and addiction are not alone. They specialize in education, support, and advocacy. They can be effective and empowering for you and your loved ones to get needed help and healing. You can get information on various mental illnesses and treatments available on the website as well. There are local chapters that are also accessible in Los Angeles.


Alcoholics Anonymous
This is a well-known and well-established fellowship of people whose goal is to stop drinking. The focus on having those in recovery help each other can be life-saving and vital to success. Many utilize AA in combination with other treatments for additional support and there are many local options available. There are also Anonymous groups available for Narcotics, Cocaine, Gambling, Opiates and others that can be located quite easily.


Al-Anon Family Groups is a program that is specifically for relatives and friends of people struggling with alcohol dependence. They provide groups where people can share their experiences and help each other through having a common ground. They are connected with the Twelve Steps and are known to be welcoming and give comfort to families of alcoholics in addition to the person struggling with alcohol dependence. Alateen is an age-specific Al-Anon group and is for young people affected by someone's drinking.


NIDA - National Institute on Drug Abuse
This is an excellent site for information and education about different drugs of abuse. If you have any questions about how addictive drugs work and research that is available, this is a great resource. The site has fact sheets, videos, diagrams, and articles available for your review and information.


This is a very comprehensive site that is a resource for substance abuse treatment and mental health services within California. It is arranged to allow you to find different levels of treatment and also locations in various cities in California. They also provide good education and advocacy for substance abuse and mental health. There are also links to locate treatment in other areas of the United States.



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